The Interview Day

by - April 26, 2017


Chronicles of Paulinus

Last night chained me in torments of thoughts. A myriad of thunderous emotions ransacked my being. I had an interview to attend the next day and it felt unnerved. I paced around my room on my pajamas. It was as if an invisible sorcerer dunked me into the mire. My head spun; my heart thumping against my chest.

Meanwhile, I had gotten information that it would be an interview with just me and seventeen men team of interviewers at 7:15 am prompt. Such experience of an interview was alien to my wealth of experience and anxiety choked me. It was about 12:32 am and the stillness of the night tormented me with thoughts that almost made my head go ballistic. I could only hear the sound of a cricket chirping. Every other noise was in my head. My sight was hung on the ceiling and my neck ached in awful pain.  But my attention was too narrow to allow the pain any passage. The interview was paramount.

I have been scouting for a job for heaven knows when, and I couldn’t afford to miss such rare opportunity. I had been on a special diet – hand-to-mouth. My distress dangled on the number of people coming for the interview. The company had shortlisted 3000 applicants and had required for, at least 3 years of experience for the job. The only experience I could boast of is the experience of dragging white files across the streets. I would clasp my files below my armpit and scout the whole streets of FESTAC Town. At the end of my search, I would only present a pair of worn-out sandals. My brown suit, which was bought black, had begged for retirement. And so, this interview is a do-or-die venture. Either I get employed or I’m hired.

I lowered my glance down my wrist and my watch said 2:56 am. “My goodness it’s already morning”, I dived into my bed and jammed my eyelids closed to lure sleep in. I was still hearing the pounding sound of my heart as it hits my chest in protest. I started becoming dopey and next thing was… KRAAAM KRAAAAM KRAAAAM! Alarm. It was so loud that my heart jolted. My hand abruptly struck the stop button in anguish. I rolled across my bed and with my face placed downward, I barred my eyes with my pillow. I slept in peaceful ignorance.

I was fumbling in my bed when a bright ray of white light spilt into my room through my windows. I felt giddy as I struggled to rise. It was as if I had been boozing all night. I cupped my forehead with my right hand as I sat on my bed, oblivious to the time and the all-important interview. Gbagam! It dawned on me like a strange bang. “Oh, my good…!” I flung my hand across my pillow and grabbed my watch like a lost treasure. Squinted my eyes to direct my focus to the tiny hour-hand and minute-hand, I saw 11:59 am. The interview is over. My watch slid down from my hand as I slumped in my bed. I knew then that I need deliverance. “I think my village people dey follow me”, I creased my forehead. As I landed on my bed, my tiny foam sank, forcing my bony buttocks to smash the plants underneath my bed. Kram! The plank cracked and I was buried inside. My bed is broken and I have missed the interview. The only thing stopping me from coming suicide now is the money to buy a strong cord. I cried and then…silence. Tears stung my eyes like acid.           

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