A Little Bit of Vice

by - August 11, 2017

Chronicles of Paulinus

My friend Dinma is a human being; one with a celestial tint. I love her spirit: polite, kind, and gracious; but I wish that she'd understand the elasticity of these virtues. Dinma would always lament her ordeal - how people leveraged on her kindness to make her feel like a devil. 'This is unlike you Dinma, you've changed,' they would often say. 'You're not immutable, change is the nature of your being,' I told her one night.
Finally, she was raped.
I was in my lounge one cold, lonely night when she wobbled in, trembling. Her perspiring face was glittering in the lantern's rays, she clenched to her gory skirt that had flecks of sands smeared on it, panting.
'Dinma!' my jaw dropped as I jerked up, staring at her, 'what happened to you?' I held her right arm and pulled her down to the ceramic chair I was hitherto sitting. She pouted her mouth in pain, her eyes narrowed into tiny slits. She heaved a painful huff:
'I just got raped along Dr Sam's Avenue,' she groaned.
'My God! Rape again on this campus! You girls should start going about with knives in that your bags. Chop things off if need be!' I thundered.
'That will be too much, you can't pay evil with evil,' she said sanctimoniously.
'I can't believe this your kindness of a thing has gotten to your head.' Feeling the weight of my words on her gory body I tried to make restitution, 'By the way who did this? we've to go tell the authority. This rape issue is becoming too much!' I barked.
'Hah Ify don't try that o,' she retorted with a spark of widening fear.
'What do you mean no? You mean you'll allow this beast go just like that?' a burning anger spilt into my heart.
'Who will suffer it then?' her eyes lit, 'I can't stand the mocking pity of people wagging their head and branding me 'the girl that was raped'.'
'Yes I know that feeling but leaving this man to walk about freely is a portent filled with possible danger. Can't you do this for your fellow ladies? I'm sure the idiot is lurking around somewhere for his next victim,' I pleaded.
'Ify leave that one I just need to clean up and go for test tomorrow, maybe take some pills coz it's skin to skin,' she made a mock smile.
The will to continue deserted me coz I was feeling the rush of burning rage in my heart. My eyes stood on my forehead all night like a sentry watching her as she curled herself in the bed, sleeping away her pains. This kindness, I thought, a little bit of its excess could be a vice. It's a lite version of cowardliness.
 She would tell me the next day, at the clinic, how she had been too kind as to have given in to him since she pitied his fiery libido that needed the grace of her 'between' to satisfy it. Gush that was the most painful of it all!

I hate rapist!

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