For Ann

by - April 19, 2018

Her braids was a tentacle of brown ropes. Her eyes,  those beady eyes of goddesses, lingered around him that very day.

It was a Valentine. And like every lover, they had planned to eat out.  Ann was nervous but she painted off her shyness with lippy and eyeshadow.

At the restaurant, across their table, an albino guy kept staring at her. The boyfriend saw them and got furious.

"Who's that guy you've been winking at since?"He slammed his hand on the desk, rage dancing furiously in both eyes.

Before she could open her mouth,  he was standing. The albino guy was now stumbling forward to them. Both met halfway,  clasped hands as if to exchange greetings. Things happened, but she didn't get a hint.

The boyfriend turned back to her, knelt on one knee and said, "I gave him something I want to show you. "
He opened, and it was a ring.

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