She Screamed into his Groin

by - August 29, 2018

Ann leaned against their termite-infested window, legs crossed at the ankle, hot, slimy feel crawling down her face. Yes, served him right, she mused. She pushed out from the window and hastened for the gate. Baba was approaching. She crouched down and hid.
“Bia you stupid girl come here,” Baba shouted, raising his wooden staff and quickening his steps.
Ann hugged herself behind the large udara tree, eyes aching behind her tightly clenched lids. Baba was closing in, she felt his heavy strides resonating with the painful throbs of her heart.

“What have you done this girl?” Baba was standing right before her. She was not seeing him. Her eyes shut tight, but the shadow of his feature was casting a frightening shade about her.
“See your mouth, blood... blood ebenile like hunting vampire!”
She lifted her left arm and slowly dabbed it against her mouth. When she opened her eyes blood was smeared on the back of her hand.
“The doctor said he won't survive it,” Baba said with a tone swinging between fear and resentment.
“H-he deserved it,” Ann stuttered, taking a step back to stay beyond Baba's arm's length. “After raping me last month and taking my virginity he still came back again.”
“Is that why you bit off his thing? Anyway, I don't know what to say to you... The village youths are on their way.”

Ann's eyes bulged and stood in her head like angry sentinels. She knew no one was ready for her story. Here rape was a means and a right for the stronger sex. She was a thing of rape, a thing to be shred apart and offer to free men of their strangling libido. So she was raped once. Because she spoke like a man; because she refused suitors. So they said she was rude and needed to be taught a lesson. Which punishment is greater than to stripping off her pride? So she had screamed her pain into the groin of her tormentor, and her scream has become her crime.

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